Customer Care Principles & Ethics

Mission Statement

At YourVan our aim is to provide unequalled and cost-effective van and commercial vehicle leasing solutions to business clients within the UK, raising customer expectations through innovation and the quality of our customer service.


At YourVan we will always:

  • Remain in regular contact, keeping customers informed throughout the order process.
  • Always contact customers when we say that we will.
  • Take any criticism productively and listen to customers' needs.
  • Understand and be flexible with different customers' requirements and circumstances.
  • Take accountability of requested tasks and provide a quality service.
  • Attend regular team briefings and management meetings to ensure we liaise efficiently and effectively with colleagues.
  • Indentify and implement new ways of delivering quality service by constantly monitoring internal and external feedback.

Company Values

  • We have passion and belief in our business.
  • We value our customers (both internal and external).
  • We work in teams.
  • We embrace change.
  • We value personal fulfilment.
  • We take personal responsibility.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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Your Feedback

Customer Feeback Form

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